The Ripamonti Foundry is a very well organised structure and we operate in “PRODUCT CERTIFICATION”; thereby, to attest and certify that a product is made perfectly and conforms to well-defined rules and / or to the customer’s technical specification, guaranteeing an optimum quality.

Our company does not produce its own specific finished product but produces for third parties on specific demand and/or customer designs.

We have a specialised form in building models with work-centres that have the latest generation machines with which we build the equipment conforming to the drawings and mathematical designs provided by our clients, we are also able to create mathematical samples, regardless of the production technology that is ground or in a shell. The patterns are all stored, cataloged and kept safe to ensure a proper and long-term life.

All the metal we buy is of prime quality and comes with reference to precise standards, all supplies are accompanied by a chemical analysis certificate.

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